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Founded in 2018, Atlas Restaurant Group (ARG) aspires to inspire and elevate the local community by challenging the status quo, breaking down barriers, and activating the creative potential of those around us. We approach food, beverage, and experience with creativity and innovation.


We have developed a strong infrastructure that allows us the opportunity to develop and operate concepts internally, while additionally supporting talented individuals and helping cultivate their dreams and make them a reality. We encourage chefs, bartenders, event coordinators, and creatives alike to dream beyond the imaginable and provide them with a strong support system along the way. We create diversity in our team by seeking out those who are passionate about their individual specialties, acquired from the environments around them. 

Atlas’ current concepts include CO.A.T.I., Piglatin Cocina, Ola Juice Bar, Ephemera, Anju Korean Street Eats, and Haole Hawaiian Grindz.

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